Eland Cables in Sunday Times Top 10

Eland Cables in Sunday Times Top 10

Eland Cables has been named 4th Best Company To Work For in the prestigious Sunday Times list, published Sunday February 26th.

It is the first year Eland has broken into the Top 10, leaping nine places from its 13th position in last year’s league table. The list is widely regarded as the best indication of the UK’s top employers, and asks employees to rate key performance areas: leadership, their manager, immediate colleagues, pay and benefits, wellbeing, corporate social responsibility, personal development, and employee’s relationship with their company.

Managing director Philip Brown said the recognition was an incredible achievement and reflected the success of Eland’s investment in its people and its company.

‘We want to do better, be better and offer more than any other cable supplier and that begins with our staff. We make significant investment into the happiness of our people and the future of our company. This enables us to offer a unique and, we believe, the best quality client service on the market.’

The survey revealed that Eland employees have a tremendous amount of faith in Brown (96 per cent), many calling him ‘inspirational’. Eland also placed first in the UK for having faith in the senior management (98 per cent). The seven strong senior team of logistics, technical, commercial and financial experts have decades of experience in industry and the corporate finance sector.

With the support of the leadership team (93 per cent), employees are committed to delivering excellence at every turn. Staff receive regular product training, which gives every employee the knowledge, resources and experience they need to understand the specific requirements of each market, and each individual customer, they serve. Training comes both in house and from external organisations, including BASEC (British Approvals Service for Cables).

Staff are proud to be part of Eland and ranked them second nationally (97 per cent), citing the strong moral direction of the company. They especially approve of Eland’s green policy (91 per cent), making it the fourth greenest SME in the UK. Eland has increased investment into Environmental Awareness, and maintains the Environmental Management Certification to BS EN ISO 14001, meeting and exceeding all standards set.

This year has seen Eland launch a new website as part of a wider rebranding strategy. The site includes downloadable specifications and detailed 3D models of all its products. It also offers a new Resources section which contains a vast range of documents available to clients: from gland matching charts and quality certifications, to cable and service FAQs.

For further information visit: www.eland.co.uk

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