Electrical Safety First welcomes funding for product safety

‘In addition to funding criminal activity and hurting legitimate businesses, buying counterfeit can place our families and our homes in danger’, explains Phil Buckle, director general of Electrical Safety First.

‘Unlike fake DVDs or designer handbags, unsafe, substandard electrical products can kill or injure by causing an electric shock or by overheating, starting a fire. Around half of all domestic fires in GB arise from an electrical source – with electrical products the prime culprit. And our research has found that sales of fake goods on social media have increased by almost 15 per cent in the last year – with seizures of mobile phones rising by over 50 per cent. So we are delighted that the Government has recognised the importance of product safety and we ask that they continue to work closely with local authorities to tackle the increase in counterfeit goods which threaten the safety of the UK consumer.’

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