Electricians are among the most in-demand professions of 2021

new study by Paymentsense has found that electricians are among the highest increase in-demand for job vacancies. Paymentsense also analysed job boards across the UK and search trends to pinpoint exactly where these increases were happening and what industries are hiring the most for remote work.

Over the past year, the job market has changed a lot, with more importance placed on key workers while much of the public have discovered that they can work remotely from home. This study delves into how the market has changed during the pandemic.

Rank Job Titles Number of Roles
1 Courier 3,381,922
2 Sales 1,708,660
3 Customer Services 1,517,683
4 Teacher 964,039
5 Project Manager 866,728
6 Cleaner 783,140
7 Government Employee 640,012
8 Mechanic 505,865
9 Electrician 492,926
10 Software Developer 325,702


As the growing demand for installing new smart and green energy technologies rises, the need for the skilled trades people increases also.

A study by Electrotechnical and Skills Partnership demonstrated that between 12,500 and 15,000 skilled electricians will be needed over the next five years to accommodate forecasted growth. When looking at the data pulled by Paymentsense it is a clear reflection of the demand needed, as 492,926 roles have been advertised.

The most in-demand job roles were, however, couriers, as online orders reaching a record high last year, it’s no wonder that tan incredible 3.3 million job vacancies were advertised in 2020, seeing a 13.94% increase compared with the beginning of the year.

Salesmen followed closely behind with 1.7 million jobs announced last year although the role has seen a decline from January 2020 to January 2021 with a 41.53% decrease in adverts.

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