ESP adds smart plug to Fort range 

Fort plug

Having seen little change for nearly 100 years since it was first invented in 1926, the three-pin plug has undergone some major developments in the last few years with the advent of smart technology. Now, ESP has taken the recently-developed concept of the smart plug and incorporated both USB Type A and Type C charging facilities to expand its functionality even further.

Part of the Fort Smart Security range, the new smart plug provides a mains three-pin 13-amp socket that can be remotely controlled and scheduled via an app, and can be used to control a range of appliances and devices – lamps, electric heaters and radios, for example. In addition, the plug provides two Type A USB and one Type C, rated at 2.4 amp in total. This provides two options to control devices – via the plug socket or USB/Type C connection. The smart plug is controlled via the ‘Click Smart+’ app from Scolmore. The smart plug requires a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi connection with no additional hub required.

We are living in an age where multiple devices require powering and charging through USB ports, especially the Type C which is required by many modern smart tech devices. The three USB ports on ESP’s new smart plug can be controlled as one by the app, with remote control and scheduling – via the app – applying to all three USB ports, whilst the three-pin socket is independently controlled.

The smart plug can be used to operate lamps in dusk and dawn modes, or at specific times of the day or week to suit the user’s lifestyle requirements. If used in conjunction with the Fort smart alarm, the socket can be activated through alarm, arm and disarm modes. For example, if the smart alarm enters into an alarm, then the floor lamps connected to the socket will switch on.

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