ESP develops its contactless door access range with infrared

The latest addition to ESP’s Aperta range of access control products is an infrared contactless exit button, which offers a hygienic solution to unlocking doors when combined with a door access system. Rather than relying on access cards, lanyards and buttons, users can exit a building simply by waving their hand over the touchless sensors.

As measures continue to be taken to limit the spread of the virus, demand is on the increase for products which are hands free and ESP’s new infra-red contactless exit button is a relatively low cost option that can be utilised for new or retro fit installations.

When in standby mode, the ring of LED lights glows blue to draw attention to the door release button, and switches to green as soon as a hand is presented within the defined range, indicating that the relay has switched, and the door release has been engaged. It features an adjustable infrared proximity sensor (1-10cm).

The contactless exit button can be used in conjunction with ESP’s entire Aperta door access range including video door entry, audio, multiway, Wi-Fi and the EZ Tag 3 door entry products. In a bid to meet growing demand and to make the job of specifying and ordering door access products easier, the new contactless exit button is now also available as part of an EZTAG3PRO kit, which also includes the recently launched foot operated door pull.

Providing a complete entry system in one box, these new EZTAG3PRO kits comprise Proximity Door Entry Keypad, Proximity Tags, Electromagnetic Lock, Boxed Power Supply, Infra-red Contactless Exit Button, Emergency Break Glass and Foot Operated Door Pull.

An external rated version of the kit has also been added for use in outdoor applications.

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