ESP products help prevent doorstep thefts

ESP products help prevent doorstep thefts

The number of parcels being stolen from people’s front doors, porches and gardens has been rising across the UK, recent reports have found. Using a freedom of information request to UK police forces, The Sunday Times reports data showed that around 2,700 parcel thefts were reported in 2019, but this figure rose to almost 10,500 by last year (2023). The average stolen parcel is worth £115.

According to a separate report from a retail software company, the number of claims for missing parcels jumped by 59% in the year to June this year compared with the previous 12 months. The company attributed the rise to people returning to their workplaces post-pandemic and retailers switching to alternative parcel delivery firms amid Royal Mail’s industrial action.

The rise in parcel thefts falls in line with an increase of shoplifting incidents during the cost-of-living crisis. The British Retail Consortium estimated that there were eight million store theft incidents last year at a value of around £950 million.

With regard to doorstep thefts, police forces themselves have stated the number of reported incidents is just the tip of the iceberg. When parcels go missing, many people will often contact retailers and couriers, rather than the police.

There are a number of things that can be done to reduce the risk of doorstep theft. These include tracking parcels to ensure someone is at home to take delivery, arranging for parcels to be delivered to a trusted neighbour, or organising pick up from a local convenience store, for example.

The installation of a security light or W-Fi doorbell are also good measures to deter any unwanted activity and security solutions provider, ESP, has a number of products that are both easy for installers to fit, and for end users to operate.

The Aperta 2K (4MP) Wi-Fi Doorbell offers installers a higher specification, superior resolution product. With the typical resolution for video doorbells in the market currently at 1080p (two megapixel), ESP’s 2K (four megapixel) offer, sets the doorbell apart in a competitive market place, providing a key selling point for installers and end users.

The Aperta Wi-Fi doorbell connects directly to a smart phone offering instant front door security and convenience to users. 2K (4MP) live view, visitor recording, automatic motion detection, and clear two-way audio are some of the key features and ESP has maintained its subscription free status, with the new door station available via the ESP Smart 2K APP.

It will activate a notification to the user’s smartphone when the doorbell has been pressed. In the event that the user misses the notification, the event that triggered the notification can be recalled, as the doorbell has internal storage that will capture all activity subscription free. For additional security, the doorbell features motion and human detection feature.

The camera offers a wide 170⁰ angle view to ensure good camera coverage. The doorbell also comes supplied with an angle bracket, which will not only assist with installation, but will help angle the camera to ensure it covers the area where visitors will be standing. As the doorbell requires a fixed power supply, users will not need to recharge or replace the batteries frequently as with some alternatives on the market.

Part of ESP’s Fort Smart Security range are smart security floodlight and spotlight cameras which provide an ideal deterrent to unwanted activity.

The Fort Wi-Fi Smart Security Floodlight with Camera and Spotlight with Camera – available in black or white – both offer full 1080p HD live view and recording along with a 2000/2500 Lumen light Output (25w). They have motion activated video record and clear two–way audio.

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