Faster power restoration at water sites

power restoration

Faster electricity restoration has been prioritised for water infrastructure sites to help make sure people are not left without water for long, at the same time as a power cut.

Even a momentary power loss at a water company’s operational site could affect the water system for the area for several hours or lead to sewer flooding of the wastewater system.

UK Power Networks collaborated with Thames Water to compare more than 10,000 data points from business systems that showed where power cuts happened, together with root causes. This enabled UK Power Networks to mark 2,269 additional operational Thames Water sites on its records, plus a further 5,566 other water utility sites.

Now, if a power cut affects a remote site, electricity crews will know water and wastewater services could be affected, so they can respond accordingly.

Justin Camis, Energy Engineering Project Manager at Thames Water, says: “Stable power is critical to maintain supplies of water and wastewater services to households and businesses. We really value how UK Power Networks has worked with us to better understand the essential service we provide, including proactively involving us in prioritising sites for reconnection to minimise the impact on customers.”

Luke Hughes, Network Planning Manager at UK Power Networks, says: “Our engagement with Thames Water helped us develop a new approach to data sharing and joint analysis with water companies to enhance resilience and minimise disruption to our shared customer groups.

“We are aiming to replicate what we have learned with other regional water companies, building on the relationships fostered through our Priority Services Register data-sharing initiative to reduce disruption for customers.”

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