GJD’s D-TECT 3 rated highly in Benchmark’s independent product group test

Benchmark testing is unique as it delivers an independent and genuine experience of using the products, providing its readers with expert and accurate information. The basis of the external detection test was to assess notification of human activity through a gateway and into a courtyard area. The D-TECT 3 came out on top for functionality, ease of configuration, stability and catch performance. 

The D-TECT 3 is an advanced external dual-technology detector combining quad PIR and microwave sensors. It offers powerful intruder detection and can be used to seamlessly control cameras, connect to alarm panels and communicate with GJD’s lighting control systems. Benchmark’s review stated: ‘The D-TECT 3 is the epitome of a sensor designed for use with video surveillance.’

Commenting on the achievement, Mark Tibbenham, managing director at GJD said: ‘The Benchmark recommended status shows that our D-TECT 3 is at a very high standard. This proud achievement comes from applying the lessons we have learnt from more than 32 years of designing outdoor detectors. Coupled with our desire to remain at the forefront of innovative detection technology and our stringent in-house quality testing processes ensures our customers receive the very best products.’






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