GlassGuard issues new guidance to assist lighting upgrades in factories

The document has been compiled in compliance with the code of practice for minimum illumination levels in factory production environments as specified by the Society of Light & Lighting (SLL), which is part of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

Using Relux lighting design software, illuminance simulation has been used to provide detailed light output comparisons between LED and fluorescent lighting using manufacturers’ lumen data files. The output data is then transposed into calculating energy savings, payback periods and real cost of ownership comparing both technologies.

Chris Payne of GlassGuard said, ‘T8 fluorescent lamps are the most widely used lamps in factory production environments, many of which have fittings dating back at least 25 years. With today’s demands for cost and energy savings, as well as health & safety and HACCP compliances, many of these T8 fittings are being upgraded.

‘Those looking to upgrade their T8 fittings will be faced with several options. The GlassGuard guidance document is therefore a valuable tool for assisting engineering managers, technical managers and financial directors when considering a new lighting installation.’

The guide is available to download for free from:

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