Hager enters the UK switchboard market

Hager has launched a factory-built switchboard offer combined with its own ACBs and MCCBs from its Telford facility.

By evolving the Quadro Evo platform, the Hager switchboard offer is now specific for the legislative needs of British Standards, combined with the specific market and installer expectations.

Ian Smith, Hager’s Country Marketing Leader, comments, “The driving force behind the subsequent creation of Quadro Evo has been a clear focus on these primary areas that we know resonate with the UK customers’ needs. This is a very specific development by Hager, for the UK market, and we are thrilled with the outcome.

“By innovating and pushing what is possible, we have ensured that installers now have the freedom to create customised distribution boards up to 1,600A that can fit into the tightest on-site spaces. Ease of wiring has been a priority and the newly incorporated aluminium busbar no longer requires hole punching to connect outgoing circuits. This saves precious on-the-job time and valuable costs.

“Combine this with our fantastic new range of Hager h3+ ACB and MCCB breakers, which are 100% Hager manufactured, and we are really excited to be able to offer an outstanding solution to the UK market.”

In the field of electrical enclosures, internal separation plays a crucial role in ensuring safety standards. Quadro Evo is designed to comply with BS EN 61439-2 and provides tailored solutions to achieve the ultimate internal separation of busbars, functional units, and terminals, according to project requirements. This allows for a greater degree of choice in terms of Form 4a and Type 2-7 arrangements.

Quadro Evo’s scope goes beyond the enclosure system. The platform is capable of using the latest h3+ Hager MCCBs and ACBs, providing precise energy consumption data to support sustainability efforts. The development of these devices involved an investment program and marks a milestone for Hager Technology. Quadro Evo switchboard now enables the company to introduce these advanced devices to the UK market, which has been a long-term goal.

To ensure that Quadro Evo meets all regulatory standards, it has undergone independent third-party certification by ASTA. This validation assures users that the product has been objectively assessed for performance guarantees, safety, and application viability. The launch of Quadro Evo in the UK is the result of over two years of dedicated teamwork and investment to provide a British Standard compliant solution that meets market norms and installer expectations.

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