HellermannTyton launches remodelled Cable Scout+ range

HellermannTyton has remodelled its Cable Scout+ cable installation system to bring customers improved functionality and time-saving benefits.

The new and improved design enables electricians and electrical installers to install, inspect, illuminate, and retrieve cables quickly and easily via suspended ceilings, behind walls or floors, through small access holes, in cavities and other applications.

The cable routing tool consists of easy-fit cable rods for the safe installation of cables – even in the most challenging installations and difficult to access areas. A redesigned grip enables the flexible cable rods, made of glass-reinforced plastic, to be simply screwed together and fitted with any one of the clever attachments supplied with the tool.

The rods can be bent, pushed, or pulled and bear cable weights up to 200kg, whilst the three different diameters available (4mm, 5mm and 6mm), offer different bending radiuses to guarantee high flexibility at work. Available in five sizes, with the ability to attach to a wide range of cable diameters, the cable grips – available as an accessory – provide a reliable and time-saving method for securing cables and pipes to rods.

Cable Scout+ is available in three sets: the Handy set for fitting into toolboxes, the Basic set, designed for basic installations, and the Deluxe set which is aimed at larger installations. All three sets include a range of useful attachments including a whisk (which allows the cable rods to glide easily over obstructions), an LED beam to improve visibility in dark spaces and a strong magnet which can lift metallic tools up to 2.5kg in weight.

Nathan Bennett, Product Manager for HellermannTyton, comments, “We are delighted to launch the new and improved Cable Scout+ range. Remodelled for improved flexibility and ease of use, we have designed this cable routing tool to ensure that it brings time-saving benefits to the user.

“We have made the Cable Scout+ range available in three different sets, along with a variety of helpful attachments, as we wanted to create a system that is fully equipped to meet our customers’ needs in any given situation. For instance, the whisk attachment enables engineers to go about their work without worry of obstructions. For the fixing of cables, we have included a split ring with mini eye in each set, as well as a flat mini eye for the removal of obstructions. We have covered every basis to ensure that this tool can meet any need or requirement.”

The Cable Scout Cam, a battery-powered inspection camera for empty conduits, is available as an additional accessory. Ideally suited for photo and video recordings in the smallest of spaces, the inspection camera allows users to get a picture of hidden objects up to 10m, such as in empty conduits and above-suspended ceilings. The recordings can be shown in real-time on a smartphone or tablet through a free app.

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