HellermannTyton goes stateside thanks to new online training

Implemented in response to demand for fibre cabling and 4G upgrades currently progressing across the US, the programme is directly run from HellermannTyton’s Plymouth office and centre of excellence for heat shrink tubing development. The UK experts have been able to offer their US counterparts a structured online training programme to enhance selling potential and grow their expertise on all available products.

Comprising of three stages from entry to expert, the programme is aimed at HellermannTyton’s US distribution representatives. Able to provide sessions lasting one hour, with a question and answer session after, the online programme delivers basic heat shrink product and sales training.

Launched at the end of 2014, 240 people stateside have now been trained by the Plymouth-based specialists, while more than 200 people are on the waiting list to conduct the sessions. Completely unique to HellermannTyton UK, the web-based training helps the cable solutions manufacturer improve global communications and promote what it has to offer to a wider audience.

Barry Phelps, UK product manager insulation & protection at HellermannTyton, said: ‘Web-based training allows us to reach our US sales force quickly, conveniently and provide a direct format which allows us to document and monitor product learning.

‘As the US moves towards a fibre-based communications network and continues the 4G upgrades, our heat shrink tubing solutions and knowledge will play a crucial role in delivering safe and secure solutions.’

For more information on HellermannTyton’s range of heat shrink products please visit: www.hellermanntyton.co.uk 

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