Holiday air

A completely unique, modular property, this new luxury home has been designed with a typically modern European feel, as opposed to the traditional static caravans we are more familiar with in the UK.

A Polypipe heat recovery ventilation appliance and Domus ducting have been fitted into the new property to provide reliable and effective management of air quality. Drawing stale air from the kitchen and two bathrooms through an efficient counter flow heat exchanger, extracted air pre-warms the fresh air drawn into the building which is then distributed into the two bedrooms and open plan area that incorporates dining, kitchen and lounge zones. 

Stale extract air and the fresh supply air do not mix, only heat is exchanged. Therefore, in addition to reducing heating bills, Polypipe’s heat recovery ventilation units are designed to prevent the build up of condensation and help improve indoor air quality. For this installation, the unit has been fitted with a Summer bypass facility, which provides filtered, fresh outdoor air during warmer periods.

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