How techy are the trades? Logic4training survey sheds some light

Just over half of all respondents said they had a website, with electricians leading the way when it comes to mobile friendly sites – a must for reaching customers and doing well in google. At the moment, all groups get some business from the internet and some from traditional mediums, such as word of mouth and print advertising – only plumbers report that most of this comes ‘off-line’.

When it comes to social media, the building services industry is lagging behind compared with other sectors, with a majority of electricians and plumbers still not having a Facebook page for their business. Gas engineers faired a little better, with nearly half using a Facebook page and nearly a third on twitter.

Jonny Lawrence, Logic4training’s digital marketing expert, said: ‘This survey provides a snap shot of a building services engineering sector which is embracing technology to help make jobs easier and win new business. While, for some, more traditional means still lead the way – and are obviously very effective – utilising the internet will eventually become unavoidable and is a definite positive for our industry. The next step for many of the recipients is to get a website sorted and have a go at social media; it’s never been easier to target hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers, in a quick and cost-effective manner.’

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Logic4training has teamed up with SoleTrader, which specialises in building websites for the trades. 

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