Enact updates its Solar Design software for installers

Enact, an all-in-one cloud platform, offers remote solar design using high-resolution satellite imagery and generates rapid proposals with detailed pricing, energy and finance analytics.


The company has announced an update to its Solar Design software, aimed at optimising the installer experience. The new software allows auto height detection of roof height and obstacles such as surrounding trees. This streamlines the planning process, making it smoother and more precise, and helps installers optimise shading analysis by identifying roof panels with poor solar-access values. Moreover, Enact proposals equip installers with hourly simulations of solar and storage charging cycles and strategies. Enact also accelerates the contract signing process through custom contracts with e-signatures and dynamic pricing data.


“Our newly enhanced Solar Design software for solar installers transforms how solar and storage projects are planned and executed. By harnessing cutting-edge data-driven analytics, installers can now discuss design plans with homeowners and businesses confidently, minimising errors. This means faster, more accurate implementation for installers and greater transparency for customers,” says Manasij Kar, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Enact.


The new software comes with a planning option to include east-west facing PV panels. This is especially important for European key markets such as Germany and the commercial and industrial (C&I) customer segment. The new version also comes with other features tailored to the needs of European markets, such as the addition of components used in Europe. For example, the German language interface and special financing options.

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