Job vacancy figures show encouraging growth in electrical trades

Job vacancy figures show encouraging growth in electrical trades

As the latest UK unemployment figures are revealed, Working Links has released new vacancy figures that show encouraging growth in electrical trades, which are up by 40 per cent.

Manual trades like welding, construction and building are also up by 64 per cent, 35 per cent, and 34 per cent, respectively. Jobs in other hands-on professions like hairdressing, transport driving, and personal healthcare services are also on the rise, while sales roles, and the creative and services industries have all seen a drop in available roles throughout the country.

Commenting on the current trends, Working Links director Karen Masterson said, ‘We’re seeing different trends in each region across Britain but there are an increasing amount of vacancies in the manual trades, as well as manufacturing.

‘Unfortunately there are not many vacancies in clerical roles or amongst public sector employers, but we are expecting the construction sector to grow in 2012.’

Regional variation

London, Scotland and Wales boast the greatest increase in available positions, while the North East, North West, and East Midlands have experienced the greatest slump in available jobs.

Upskilling or showing will?

Commenting on how job seekers might react to these latest figures, Masterson said,

‘More often than not, employers are looking at hiring candidates who have employability skills – those who are reliable, flexible and who have a good work ethic – rather than reams of qualifications.

‘However, certain industries still require specific skills and qualifications. We work closely with employers to find out exactly what skills are needed in new starters and work with candidates to ensure they can are ready to hit the ground running.’

On the up (percentage increase/decrease in vacancies year-on-year Aug-Oct 2011)

The jobs market is more complicated and nuanced than the headline figures reveal. Below is a breakdown of those careers and geographies where opportunities do exist for Britain’s unemployed.

Top 10 occupations

(1,000 vacancies or more)


  1. –       Metal forming, welding and related trades +64%
  2. –       Electrical trades +40%
  3. –       Engineering professionals +35%
  4. –       Construction operatives +35%
  5. –       Building trades +34%
  6. –       Metal machining, fitting and instrument making trades +32%
  7. –       Production managers +24%
  8. –       Transport drivers and operatives +22%
  9. –       Healthcare and related personal services +20%
  10. –       Hairdressers and related occupations +14%


Top 3 geographical areas

(1,000 vacancies or more)


  1. –       London +6%
  2. –       Scotland +3%
  3. –       Wales +2%


Top 3 Local Authority areas

(100 vacancies or more)


  1. –       Inverclyde +144%
  2. –       East Renfrewshire +108%
  3. –       Lambeth +58%



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