Knightsbridge’s smart range helps beat the cost-of-living crisis

With recent increases in energy costs, consumers are under intense pressure to save money and one major drain on budgets is ‘vampire appliances’. Consuming power even when not in use, these appliances cost households hundreds of pounds per year. Smart technology may significantly cut living expenses in respect of these appliances, and Knightsbridge offers a comprehensive variety of intelligent app-controlled accessories that help consumers in managing their energy-burning equipment.

According to British Gas, up to 23% of residential electricity usage is due to ‘vampire energy’ drawn by phone chargers, set-top boxes, monitors, printers, and other devices that continue to take power when not in use or on standby. A Sky box, for example, can consume 30W, which costs more than £70 each year.

At the heart of the Knightsbridge range are two 13A, 2-gang, smart switched sockets that can be controlled remotely or by voice. The sockets, which were designed to match the company’s existing square and curved edge accessory ranges, have a power monitoring function that displays live power usage in kWh and a green LED that indicates which gang is in use. For outdoors, there is an IP66, two-gang switched socket with a range of up to 40m depending on WiFi coverage.

The range also includes a 16A smart plug adapter, a 10A three-gang smart extension lead with a quad USB charger, and smart motion and entry sensors to help extend the smart capability of the home.

Knightsbridge also has a range of smart LED downlights available that may give a variety of illumination settings. Depending on the model, the homeowner can change not just the colour temperature from warm white to daylight and everything in between, but also the RGB colour, which has over 16m variations.

Designed to be easily installed and quickly configured into Knightsbridge’s user-friendly SmartKnight app, the wiring accessories and lighting products can be controlled via a smartphone. To get started the user simply downloads the SmartKnight app to their smartphone from either Google Play or the Apple App store and follows the instructions.

Once downloaded they will be able to take advantage of a variety of features, including timers, schedules, scenes, and geo-fencing (so devices can activate when the user gets home). And users can also issue instructions to either Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on downlights or turn off connected appliances.

The Knightsbridge range of smart products makes use of existing home routers to install a simple-to-use smart system that provides ease, flexibility and scalability, and most crucially, cheaper energy.

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting consumers’ pockets in a way not seen since the 1970s, and the Knightsbridge collection of intelligent app-controlled accessories have a critical role to play during this difficult time.

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