KNIPEX WireStripper now available in a metric version


Electricians will be unwilling to let the new all-rounder from Wuppertal out of their hands and nor will they have to. The KNIPEX WireStripper (13 7X 200ME) five-in-one combination pliers is hard to beat in terms of versatility: you can cut cables, strip conductors, twist, deburr and grip with just one tool.

The KNIPEX WireStripper (13 7X 200ME) excels in five different areas, especially when it comes to stripping wires. The pliers offer impressive performance with a large capacity range of up to 50mm², sharp stripping profiles and intuitive positioning. The precise profiles can be used for solid wires in diameters from 0.75 to 6mm² and finely stranded wires in diameters from 0.5 to 4mm². Positioning bars ensure the accurate positioning of the wire.

The innovative cutting-edge geometry makes it easier to cut cables with the tool as well, such as stranded copper and aluminium cables up to a diameter of 15mm (1/2in). Wide, cross-seared gripping surfaces are particularly effective for twisting wires, a commonly used method in some countries for connecting individual wires.

While the milled groove ensures that even small workpieces can be securely held and pulled, the convex gripping surface on one side simplifies the secure gripping of flat material and the burner hole makes it easier to grip round material. In addition, the distinctive outer edge can be used to deburr the inside of empty pipes.

The hybrid design of the WireStripper – as flat as needle-nose pliers and as wide as combination pliers – ensures high stability with good accessibility even in confined work areas.

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