Learn about loop impedance & earth stake testing the easy way with Megger

The seminars, which last around an hour and a half, and which will be presented by one of Megger’s leading experts in installation testing, will look at why loop impedance testing is essential, the options available for performing loop impedance tests, and why unexpected results are sometimes obtained, along with an introduction to the methods of earth stake testing currently in use.

The emphasis throughout will be on addressing the problems and challenges that contractors may encounter in their everyday work, with theory kept to an essential minimum.

Among the topics covered in detail will be the benefits and limitations of two wire, three wire and high current testing; how to choose the method most suitable for the test in hand; why protective devices sometimes trip during ‘non-trip’ testing; why different test techniques may provide different results for the same circuit; and the difficulties associated with making measurements close to the source of supply. The influence of electrical noise on the time it takes to perform a test and how noise affects results will also be discussed, as will the level of accuracy that is really needed when certifying an installation.

With regards to earth stake testing, the different methods available on the market today will be discussed, as well as issues affecting the results obtained, overcoming obstacles that would ordinarily inhibit testing and solutions to help reduce high earth readings.

Ample time will be available for those attending the seminars to ask questions, and to discuss their own problems and requirements with Megger’s experts.

To view the seminar schedule and further information visit: www.megger.com/uk

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