Lumicom membership grows

This growth has been generated by a combination of new start-up companies and existing lighting producers moving away from their previous compliance schemes.

Lumicom CEO Peter Hunt explained, ‘There is growing demand from end users for responsible disposal of lighting products and this has resulted in an increase in recycling volumes. For those lighting producers that are in ‘pay-as-you-go’ compliance schemes this is generating unanticipated costs and considerable disenchantment with their existing service provider. In contrast, Lumicom members make an upfront payment when their products are put onto the market to cover future recycling costs. This arrangement is proving very attractive as it supports accurate budgeting with no unpleasant surprises.

‘Also, recycling targets will increase further over the next few years and are likely to be policed more vigorously, so the more forward thinking companies are acting now to ensure they have a manageable compliance strategy for the future.’

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