NAPIT provides further support to Cowboy Builders series

The featured family’s recently updated kitchen circuit had a range of problems with it, such as cables that had been installed incorrectly. There was also little to no evidence provided that the correct checks were completed on the work to ensure its safety nor were there any electrical certificates left for the work carried out.

NAPIT inspections field officer James Arthurton was asked to check the quality of the work and advise on what an electrician should have done in this instance. He then had to disconnect the faulty work then correctly test the kitchen circuit to make sure it was safe to use again.

James said, ‘The quality of the work carried out was really poor and I had to completely disconnect the installation. The circuit hadn’t even been switched off when the work was undertaken, making it incredibly dangerous. It’s great that programmes such as Cowboy Builders are out there in order to heavily promote the use of competent, registered installers and to help maintain the high standards associated with our industry.’

To see what happened when NAPIT visited the Great Yarmouth property, tune in to Channel Five at 8pm on 26th August or find the episode online at:

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