New Power Quality Service is a powerful aid

Power quality is a growing concern for many organisations, with issues including harmonics, power spikes, electromagnetic interference, poor grounding, bonding, swells, sags and momentary outages becoming increasingly common.

The growing use of renewable energy such as solar and wind has also led to an increasingly volatile and unreliable electrical network, meaning power quality issues have become progressively frequent.

With issues often hidden or incorrectly attributed to other sources, therefore never fully eliminated, it is vital that businesses get a full audit in order to accurately diagnose problems. 

Powerstar’s Power Quality Service can provide such a service, leading to lower overheads, as the cost of effectively protecting a site from poor power quality is significantly lower than those associated with the problems themselves.

Powerstar managing director Dr. Alex Mardapittas commented, ‘We are delighted to launch this new service. Backed by our vastly experienced team, it can help provide vital protection for organisations everywhere. We can’t wait to see the initial results from what we are sure will be an invaluable service for many.’

For more information about the Powerstar Power Quality Service visit:

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