Newey & Eyre and JTL partnership indicates a growing demand for apprenticeships

Throughout the National Apprenticeship Week in March, JTL embarked on an extensive tour around Newey & Eyre branches nationwide where customers were treated to a sponsored breakfast whilst receiving information on apprenticeship developments in the industry, as well as helpful advice on further training and development in the electrical industries.

In addition, JTL training officers were on hand throughout each event to answer questions, encouraging contractors to learn more about the benefits of apprenticeships and consider their staffing and recruitment plans.

Luke Biddle, marketing manager at Newey & Eyre, commented, ‘Our JTL collaboration was hugely successful and it was very encouraging to see so many contractors come along to learn about the apprenticeship and training opportunities on offer.

‘After all, we must remember that we are operating in an incredibly fast moving industry, with the advent of sustainability, new legislation and technological innovation continuing to impact the role and requirements of the modern installer. It is therefore vital to ensure we have the resource to aid us in this by attracting new blood and closing the skills gap.’

Caroline Turner, director of operations at JTL, added, ‘With the economy finally on the up and the work books getting busier, it is the opportune time for contractors who aren’t already doing so to consider the apprenticeship route. It’s not only vital to the future of the industry, but also provides enormous benefits for employers looking to expand their workforce with fresh new talent.’

The government currently offers incentives for employers taking on apprenticeships.

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