Partnership improves energy efficiency and social housing

SHAL Partnership improves energy efficiency and comfort for social housing tenants

SHAL Housing has turned to technology to improve the efficiency of heating systems and comfort for residents across its portfolio as a part of its smart home scheme.

Driven by a partnership with City Plumbing, together with technology providers, Vericon Systems and ADEY, the scheme has already identified improvements that could be made in 83% of properties. SHAL and its partner, Somerset Gas, who fitted the technology, have piloted it in a number of homes in order to assess the value for money and customer impact.

Innovative technology, including telematics hardware from Vericon Systems and app-based onsite water testing, and remote monitoring MagnaClean magnetic filters from ADEY installed in individual homes, gives SHAL Housing complete visibility of the health of heating systems. In practice, the data gathered is being used to inform a proactive approach to property maintenance.

Remote, real-time monitoring means faults and inefficiencies are quickly identified without the need for occupants to report problems. This insight allows maintenance teams to be equipped with specific fault information to quickly and accurately resolve issues before they cause greater disruption.

Peter Boakes, Head of Business Development at City Plumbing, says, “We know lives are getting busier for tenants, and changes in boiler efficiency or other problems with heating systems can often go unnoticed. Meanwhile, those systems could be getting clogged or further damaged, shortening their service life and increasing bills for tenants. By leaning on technology, housing providers can see where boilers are working harder than necessary and accurately assess system health, enabling real-time data to inform their approach to maintenance.”

Alongside monitoring the performance of gas boilers and the wider heating systems, technology from Vericon Systems is also being used to measure temperature and humidity in individual homes. By monitoring these factors, SHAL Housing can identify potential damp and mould problems and work with tenants to resolve any issues before they become dangerous.

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