Manage Your Fleet More Effectively With Quartix Vehicle Tracking

Quartix explains how its vehicle tracking system can help contractors increase the efficiency and safety of their fleet.

Quartix’s vehicle tracking system records how long a driver is on-site, meaning that they no longer need to log the information on a timesheet. Simply extract a report at the end of the week or month to see the tracked hours of on-site work. This also ensures any overtime payment is correctly aligned with the hours that were worked.

The tracking system enables faster customer response times. If you have a call out, it’s easy to check which driver is nearby and assist with the job request, a particularly useful feature if the request is urgent. Additionally, you can add a colour code for different vehicles, allowing you to easily see which nearby drivers possess the right skills and equipment to assist.

The safety of your drivers is an important aspect of your business. Vehicle tracking not only allows you to quickly respond in an emergency, easily locating where drivers are, but it also encourages safer driving, day-to-day on the road. The Quartix system provides drivers with a Speed Score and a Driving Style Score. These scores are based on several driving metrics, including safe driving speeds, idling time, harsh breaking, and heavy acceleration.

This tool can easily be used to positively influence and change driver behaviour and driving style. The Safe Speed score is based on the SafeSpeed Database, developed by Quartix over a six-year period. More than 30 million data points are processed per day from over two million road segments on a real-time basis to provide these average metrics. Every data point is assessed and scored in relation to other road users on the same stretch of road. Ensuring that your drivers practice safe driving can maintain a positive reflection of your company brand.

Lisa Kerford, operations director of Aptus Utilities, explains that a large attraction of the Quartix system was the “flexibility and capability of the system”. This combined with the web-based, user-friendly interface, packed full of features for the trade industry, makes it a fantastic system to track your vehicles.

Learn more about the Quartix system and how it could help your business by downloading this free vehicle tracking guide for the trades industry.

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