Ready for the switch?

The launch of the 4G network is expected to disrupt digital TV frequencies across the country, causing confusion to millions of homeowners. Initially Ofcom believed that this could affect up to 2.4 million homes, but recent reports suggest this is set to rise. In response, the government has facilitated a roll out of one free filter per affected household, which should counteract the problem.

However, Newey & Eyre claims that simply providing a single filter will be insufficient and could lead to millions of consumers losing TV channels, potentially leaving set top boxes obsolete. In addition, many of the filters supplied are purely for indoor use, which will also cause issues for those with outdoor devices or distribution units in the loft.

Further to this, the company also believes that the filters may create further problems as they amplify and distribute all UHF signals, meaning that even the interference will be amplified and distributed further.

Kevin Norman, category manager at Newey & Eyre, commented, ‘The launch of the 4G network in the UK will be great for some, but it will also cause a real headache for many. 

‘With many households having up to three television sets, one filter just will not suffice. Therefore in response to the increased level of demand, we have teamed up with Philex to provide a range of 4G filters.

‘These will include a filter for everyday TVs, as well as a weatherproof filter that can be fitted outdoors, which is perfect for pubs and bars that like to show events in outdoor areas. 

‘Without these filters, many people will simply not be able to make the full use of their digital TV box, so we believe that contractors really will need to stock up in order to meet demand.’

To pick up a brochure or for further information on the range of 4G filters that Newey & Eyre will be stocking, please call 0800 783 6909 or call into any local branch.

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