Retrofit lighting key to energy savings and carbon reduction

Businesses must use the next six months to identify energy efficiency measures, including LED lighting upgrades, to protect themselves against soaring operational costs.

This is the message from Tamlite Lighting as the Treasury looks set to review the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, which came into force at the start of the month. With many organisations looking to reduce energy demand, Tamlite says retrofitting outdated lighting control systems will be key to reducing their usage and improving energy efficiency.

It believes that whilst historically the emphasis has been on innovative energy efficient technologies, many will have forgotten the impact simple building system upgrades can have in terms of reducing demand and operational costs. By replacing outdated lighting with modern LED systems, coupled with intelligent control systems, buildings can be made more efficient, generating savings of between 60% to 80%.

Tamlite Lighting’s comments come at a time when a new report by PwC UK suggests companies will experience the impact of the volatile energy market for at least the next two years.

Debbie-Sue Farrell at Tamlite Lighting comments: “Lighting is one of the single biggest energy expenses that a business will face, yet small changes can make a big difference. Whilst the Energy Bill Relief Scheme will provide vital support over the next six months, there is a very clear message; all but the most vulnerable businesses must use the next six months to identify measures which improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption.

“Replacing outdated lighting with modern LED systems is a cost-effective way to reduce energy use, as well as carbon emissions. Such upgrades are easy to do and should be seen as a key component of any energy saving plan over the next six months, and beyond.”

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