Rexel launches Industrial Solutions division

Rexel UK has launched a specialist Industrial Solutions division, with a national network of branches delivering expert insight and bespoke solutions to improve business efficiencies.

With the development of Industry 4.0 and smarter solutions becoming an expectation within most businesses, Rexel recognised the need to advance its industrial offer to support its customers in developing improved processes and efficiencies.

Ian Pegrum, Sales Director of Industry, said they were excited to be launching the industrial strategy into the marketplace, following much development. He comments, “Today we see a very different industrial marketplace than ever before. The technological developments, specifically within the world of intelligence and smart solutions, are becoming so advanced, businesses now demand far more from suppliers – they need a one-stop supply solution that is tailored to their individual needs.

“Machinery can now have a requirement to monitor performance and output, gathering intelligent data to improve production process. For example, the world of ordering will change, becoming low in size but higher in frequency. Our customers will adopt an automated system that will ensure they are placed to achieve this, otherwise they will struggle to adapt.”

Rexel Industrial Solutions will provide bespoke, tailored supply solutions. This will include technical support from expert staff leading to solutions such as supplier rationalisation, integrated supply solutions, ‘just in time’ solutions and smart stores.

Nick Brent, Head of Industrial Sales, already operates within the field. He says, “The offer we can provide is very diverse and is not limited to our electrical supply focus, we can, and have, delivered a huge range of products and cost saving initiatives. Rexel have free services available to the market, looking at lighting designs and energy management.

“We’re very well positioned with our offer to be able to provide full supply solutions to businesses and realise this is the way that businesses must go as the world continues to develop.”

The current Rexel Industrial Solutions branches are in Deeside, Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, Whitehaven, Trafford and Peterborough, alongside field-based sales engineers, working throughout the UK, helping to secure Rexel’s development for the future.

The Deeside branch has already become the fifth UK Industrial Automation Distributor (IAD) under an initiative from Schneider Electric, designed and developed by Schneider Electric’s Industry division. The scheme is part of a Channel Segmentation Strategy Plan for the establishment of ‘Master’ Partners. It sets out to make a step change in its automation specification and services, offering the highest level of technical training and support for its customers, including end users and OEMs.

This training will continue to be rolled out across the specialist branches.

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