EV GridSmart Online: Rolec Helps Keep The Lights On


EV charge point manufacturer Rolec EV has launched a new innovative electricity management solution, ‘EV GridSmart Online’, designed to monitor and manage power demands placed on the grid by Electric Vehicles (EVs).

EV GridSmart Online enables the current electrical infrastructure to be used as efficiently as possible on a domestic, local, regional and national level by supporting the balancing of traditional electrical loads with the new demands being placed on the grid by EVs.

Rolec’s managing director, Kieron Alsop comments: “With record EV sales throughout the UK, as well as legislative changes to encourage EV uptake, the need to support the country’s electrical infrastructure has taken on a new urgency.

“The immediate electrical demands created every month by the connection of thousands of new EVs onto the current national electrical infrastructure is dramatically challenging its ability to cope.”


Managing EV Charging to Protect the Grid

Kieron continues: EV GridSmart Online has been designed to work alongside the national grid to intelligently monitor the electrical demand of both the home and its EV. This domestic electrical demand data is then relayed to a cloud based back office.

“At this point, in association with local electrical infrastructure data (i.e. supply availability/cabling network, etc.), EV GridSmart Online will make an informed judgement on whether to temporarily decrease the supply available to EVs in a particular location.

“Once EV GridSmart Online has applied temporary EV charging limitations it will continue to monitor the demand on the local power network and, when appropriate and safe, reintroduce higher power levels to the EV charging points.”


Rolec EV GridSmart Online at a Regional and National Level

Kieron adds: “In addition to protecting the local electrical infrastructure by managing EV charging, EV GridSmart Online can also be expanded to manage electrical infrastructures at both regional and national levels.

“The GridSmart back office can be programmed with regional or national electrical network information, such as supply availability, substation capacity and cabling infrastructure. This network information, in association with regional or national electrical demand, again enables GridSmart to decrease and increase power levels available to specific EV charging infrastructures as and when required.”


Keeping the Lights On

Kieron concludes: “The Rolec EV GridSmart Online effectively buys much needed time to invest in reinforcing the country’s national electrical infrastructure by managing the immediate effects of EV electrical demand across the UK.

“As well as monitoring, managing, and balancing the electrical loads between traditional demands and EV, GridSmart Online can also be used to call in (where appropriate) supplementary, or even green, electricity supplies from sources such as wind farms, solar fields, wave generation, battery storage and similar.

“In essence, the product has been designed to keep the lights on while the national electrical infrastructure is reinforced.”

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