Self-builder opts for heat pump for major energy savings

Self-builder opts for heat pump for major energy savings

An environmentally conscious homeowner reports that he is saving 75 per cent on his home heating bills after building a highly insulated five bedroom home and fitting a heat pump from Danfoss UK.

Richard Scott and his partner Jan had lived in a 1950s two bedroom bungalow in Devizes, Wiltshire, with little insulation and an oil fired boiler for a number of years. They decided to completely replace the bungalow with an energy efficient timber frame house with four bedrooms, plus a one bedroom flat. The heat pump provides hot water and heating via an underfloor heating system. Solar panels generate electricity during the day and a ventilation and heat recovery system improves the energy efficiency of the house even further and filters the air creating a cleaner, fresher living environment.

The heat pump was fitted by Danfoss approved installer Source Energy, which recommended a Danfoss Opti L ground source heat pump to provide space heating and hot water for the property. The ground loops were laid in a field that the couple owned adjacent to the property.

Mr Scott said, ‘We were looking forward to seeing how much energy we would save in our new house – but we never expected it to reduce our bills by so much. We have had the system in for over two years now and our heating and lighting costs are a quarter of what they were previously. It’s phenomenal when you take into account that we had a one bedroom bungalow before and now we have a four bedroom house plus a flat to heat. The savings are truly amazing!’

He continued, ‘It never ceases to amaze me when I run a steaming tap in the cosy warmth of the house whilst looking out onto a frost covered field and know that that is where our heat is being generated from.’

Mr Scott says heating his old house when running on oil used to cost him approximately £1,700 per year, depending on fluctuations in oil prices, with electricity on top of that costing around a further £720.  He said, ‘When you take into account the 150 per cent increase in living space that we now enjoy, yet our energy bills are a fraction of what they were, it really does show how heat pumps are a worthwhile investment.’

Ben Hodges from Source Energy said, ‘Many homeowners are choosing to switch from oil boilers to heat pumps and are reaping the benefits of more affordable energy source. This property was perfect for heat pumps, with its high level of insulation, which will optimise its energy efficiency and deliver a high level of performance.’

Chris Dale, director of Danfoss UK, said, ‘It is really satisfying to hear that Mr Scott is making exceptional savings because of his heat pump and the high energy efficiency of his home. Homeowners are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and heat pumps are one of the best ways to do this.’

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