Simple, elegant control with Vitrea

Offering the intelligence today’s homes and buildings need, combined with strong aesthetics from a wide range of wall-mounted control options, the Vitrea family delivers stylish and simple control of lighting and other utilities.

Wired and wireless systems, as well as strong retrofit abilities, deliver a wide choice of options to installers meaning that no matter what the project, new build or existing structure, there is a Vitrea solution to fit.

Merely replacing existing light switches and sockets for ease of install, Vitrea control panels come in a myriad of bespoke styles.

With 25 years’ experience in other countries, a full year of development within Vitrea’s R&D department went into preparation for its UK launch.

The elegant glass keypad designs created for the UK market offer modern designs for any system, including a variety of colour, matt or glossy finishes, as well as a huge variety of customised scene names and icons. All of the keypads come with matching glass socket frames or flush-mounted adaptors, with metal finishes on the way. All keypads are also CE, UL and FCC certified. Vitrea’s vision is to enable home and business owners to control and connect their interior spaces in an elegant, yet simple and affordable way.

VTouch Pro

A key product is the VTouch Pro range, suitable for home, office or hotel environments. Using this range, smart buildings can be smarter, simpler and more affordable with VTouch Pro’s unique approach and strong retrofit capabilities. Because of its ability to replace existing conventional electrical switches or plugs, VTouch Pro’s use of wireless technology gives all the benefits of a typical automation system, without the need for expensive infrastructure, renovations or complicated wired installations.

VTouch Pro controllers communicate over Vitrea’s own communication protocol called Aranet, which is a mesh network that handles all the data in a VTouch Pro system working on RF signals at 2.4GHz. All communication over the network takes place within two milliseconds, so users get a fast and responsive experience.

All the functionality delivered by a VTouch Pro system can be connected, managed and controlled from within the dedicated app. However, the switches can all work separately via the responsive physical interaction as well.

A complete family of control

The product range doesn’t end with VTouch Pro. There is the V-Touch Plus, a modern design that comes ready to integrate with Lutron lighting, Control4, Vantage and RTI automation platforms.

There is also VTouch KNX, which, as the name suggests, is a family of controllers based on the VTouch Plus and designed specifically for integration with the KNX control protocol.

The maker is also proud of its ability to integrate with the Crestron system via the VTouch Cresnet range. Again, this is the VTouch Plus but with full control over the Cresnet bus.

Vitrea is one of just five companies Crestron contacted direct to provide access to the company’s API to enable compatibility with the two systems, so impressed were Crestron with the style and quality of Vitrea switches.

Vitrea also has available Vmax, its own complete, centrally wired, bus system with DIN rail mounted dimmers, switches and actuators to create a totally centralised smart building control system.

With careful planning, Vitrea has created a range of products and partnerships that will offer UK installers the ability to not only take advantage of its own strong range of products, but integrate with established systems too.

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