Solar Power UK teaches installers a lesson

Solar Power UK teaches installers a lesson

Opening its doors from the 26-28 October, Solar Power UK 2011 will be opening its doors on 26-28 October giving solar PV installers the unique chance to assess all the opportunities of the UK solar sector under one roof.

Solar PV installation is vastly becoming an attractive opportunity for electricians, roofers and construction professionals in the UK. With such an array of information, training options and regulations to consider, making decisions can be daunting. Similarly, those newly equipped with MCS need clarity and direction to maximise the opportunities attached to their new qualification.

Solar Power UK 2011’s extensive three day programme will provide professional advice from leading technical training providers, PV companies and suppliers to help attendees better understand the benefits of the UK’s growing solar sector.

Over 120 leading manufacturers and wholesalers of PV modules, inverters and balance of systems will exhibit at this full-to-capacity venue, offering the UK installer community the opportunity to assess the best technologies for their upcoming projects.

On day one of the main conference, Solar Power UK will launch the PV School, which will run two classes throughout the afternoon.

PV School 101 will offer an insight into MCS, providing information on the ins and outs of MCS, including the topics, knowledge and expected experience. Session 101 will help tile the gap between the electrician trade and the photovoltaics industry.

PV School 201 will take things a step further, exploring which technology choices are best, how to monitor, maintain and safely operate systems. This session will further assist electricians in growing a viable installation business, equipping installers with that desirable competitive advantage.

Hosted for the first time this year will be two Master Classes, focusing on PV system design, grid integration, transmission and storage. Included as part of the main conference ticket, these sessions will provide interested parties with the opportunity to delve deeper into areas that will be touched upon in the main programme.

With over 50 leading solar representatives speaking at the event, the main conference programme will cover topics such as technology advancements, industry growth, and an exclusive first look at new Inverter connection and MCS protocols that will be implemented in the market over the coming six months.

A recent addition sees Greg Barker, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change join the high profile line-up to talk through the greenest government ever’s plans for the solar industry in the coming year. Barker will describe how future policies will endeavour to support the industry as a whole as the country works towards the legally binding 2020 carbon emissions targets.

The conference allows attendees to explore the ins and outs of PV products and focus on the key ingredients – such as pricing, quality and availability – for the production and installation of a successful PV system. Business owners can also discover the support services required to help their solar business function effectively and gain a deeper understanding of world wide solar installation trends to identify new markets.

Complementing the conference programme, a series of installer training workshops will provide an excellent opportunity for the UK’s ever increasing installer network; such as ‘How to mount PV correctly’, run by Wagner.

Sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of electricians, roofers and other interested parties simply considering crossing over to work on solar projects, right through to experienced installers who want to hear about the latest technical requirements, certifications and installation guidelines.

Installers will be given the ability to go beyond MCS to learn in detail about system design concepts that will increase system yield and give their installations the edge over competitors. However, knowledge isn’t all that is on offer. Solar Power UK 2011 provides an abundance of networking opportunities for installers to form new partnerships and further their business in the solar industry.

To secure your place at Solar Power UK this unmissable event

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