Stahlin Enclosures introduces new mounting solutions

Stahlin Enclosures has announced the availability of its new side panels and weight distribution shelves, which aid interior mounting and support of heavy equipment.

These mounting and support solutions are designed for OEMs and installers and are used with Stahlin polycarbonate enclosures to add installation flexibility, increase mounting space, and solve challenges during customer installation of heavy components in non-metallic enclosures. These new products can be purchased as stand-alone SKUs and shelves can be shipped kitted with Stahlin polycarbonate enclosures.

“We are pleased to provide the ultimate in flexibility and strength for installing equipment in non-metallic enclosures,” says Craig Mitchell, President of Robroy Industries enclosures division, parent company of Stahlin Enclosures. “This is another example of how Stahlin is leading the way in enclosure products and accessories innovation.”

Stahlin side panels and weight distribution shelves are suited to markets including:

  • Non-hazardous industrial and commercial OEM design and manufacturing market segments
  • Industries such as oil and gas, electrical control, water/wastewater, manufacturing, communications and telecommunications

Stahlin polycarbonate enclosure aluminium side panels have been designed for flexibility of equipment installation and allow for the mounting of components on the enclosure walls (either on the long or short side) and provide added mounting space which allows customers to use smaller enclosures in applications requiring tight spacing. They are available in nine SKUs designed for use with polycarbonate enclosure sizes from 6in by 6in to 24in by 24in. Corrosion resistant slot nut hardware is included. These panels are easy to install using common tools. Simply install, position, and secure the side panel using the provided slot nuts which fit perfectly in the innovative polycarbonate enclosure t-slots.

Additional benefits of the new Stahlin side panels include:

  • Increased customer installation flexibility. Equipment can be mounted on multiple sides of the enclosure, in addition to the traditional enclosure back wall
  • Lower installed costs made possible by reducing the need for customers to increase the enclosure size for added equipment mounting space
  • Reduced engineering labour because enclosure mounting footprint is maintained

The new, innovative Stahlin weight distribution shelf provides an extremely rugged support system when adding heavy equipment in non-metallic enclosures. It is ideal for support when adding a power supply, battery, or heavy equipment, and reduces potential replacement costs by providing an alternative solution vs. adding weight on the bottom wall of the enclosure.

Beneficial features of the Stahlin weight distribution shelf:

  • Robust, thick aluminium shelf supported by enclosure side walls reduces risk of deflection of the enclosure bottom wall due to increase weight load
  • Available in seven SKUs designed for use with polycarbonate enclosures sizes from 10in by 10in to 24in by 24in
  • Simple and easy installation utilising the enclosure’s built-in t-slots
  • Constructed from strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminium
  • Available as standalone SKUs or shipped included with enclosures for added ordering and receiving convenience

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