Survey of Recolight collection points shows that majority of businesses save money recycling waste lamps

Survey of Recolight collection points shows that majority of businesses save money recycling waste lamps

A recent survey of companies operating a recycling collection point for business waste lamps through the WEEE compliance scheme, Recolight, reveals that 62 per cent of those surveyed have saved money as a direct result.

This demonstrates that businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of the free services available to them through Recolight and the WEEE regulations. In other cash saving feedback, 73 per cent of those surveyed said that they had saved themselves time through their collection point service.

Recolight commissioned ORB International to carry out a survey of 121 of their 1,100 collection points. The intention was to gauge satisfaction and to assess the impact that collection points have on those businesses’ operating collection points, and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Satisfaction amongst the collection points was high, with 89 per cent of respondents stating that they were happy with the lamp collection service, and 85 per cent stating that they would recommend Recolight to other businesses looking to recycle lamps.

There was also a benefit for customers, with 97 per cent of those surveyed stating that their customers had benefitted from the collection point being present. Perhaps most interesting is that 53 per cent of those surveyed felt that they had generated new business through having a collection facility from Recolight on site.

Nigel Harvey, Recolight CEO, said, ‘Recolight is committed to making it as simple as possible for any organisation to recycle, and we are pleased that our service is providing a cost effective solution to businesses operating our collection points.’

Recolight has a range of free and convenient WEEE recycling options, depending on the amount of lamps collected each month. Collection of the containers once full, and recycling of all waste lamps, is completely free of charge including the full provision of consignment notes for duty of care purposes and access to fully accredited suppliers.

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