The KNIPEX Christmas Set: giving can be so easy!

This year, the KNIPEX Cobra 125 and the Folding Knife for electricians in one set will ensure smiling faces around the Christmas tree.

It’s one of the most important challenges at the end of the year. The right Christmas present brings a sparkle to the eyes of the recipient and a feeling of happiness in the heart of the giver. This year, KNIPEX has a limited edition set in its range. It includes a KNIPEX Cobra 125 and a Folding Knife for electricians, making it easier to choose that perfect gift.

With the small KNIPEX Cobra, workpieces up to 27mm can be gripped without slipping, due to the fine adjustment. This tool has 13 adjustment positions. Like all products in the KNIPEX Cobra family, the Mini-Cobra can self-lock to pipes and nuts, so it doesn’t slip off the workpiece and all work can be carried out with significantly less effort. The teeth, which are offset against the direction of rotation, enable this effect for perfect, efficient gripping, holding, pressing and bending. There is no need to fiddle around to get the correct opening width – simply place the upper half of the jaw onto the workpiece and slide the lower jaw in position to fix the pliers in place. The Mini-Cobra fits in every pocket and, due to its short length, is also a high-quality versatile tool for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

The second multifunctional wonder in the Christmas Set 2021, the Folding Knife for electricians from KNIPEX, is equipped with a very sharp blade of the highest quality – Made in Solingen. This durable and robust knife is ideal to always have with you for any handicraft situations that might arise. The handle is made of sturdy, impact-resistant plastic and the ergonomic handle shape ensures that it is comfortable to hold and guide. The sturdy blade of the 120mm long knife is made of stainless steel. The tether attachment point at the end of the knife makes this tool suitable for KNIPEX Tethered Tools.

The set, packed in limited edition Christmas packaging, is delivered in a high-quality belt pouch that easily finds a place in the drawer, toolbox, car or on the belt of the happy new owner.

The belt pouch is made of hard-wearing polyester fabric and can, of course, also be used for other purposes. It is suitable for two pliers up to 150mm in length and equipped with a hook-and-loop fastener, a belt loop and an elastic holder for flashlights, pens or similar.

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