Turn on with Collingwood’s new website

From kitchens and bathrooms to restaurants and retail spaces, Collingwood Lighting’s range of LEDs suit a wide range of settings. The ‘applications’ section displays images from some of Collingwood’s most impressive work, providing ideas and inspiration to installers and specifiers as to how Collingwood products can suit their own projects.

Visitors to the site can easily navigate through each of the 11 key product ranges as well as the ‘Product of the Month’. Collingwood’s LED ranges are accompanied by detailed specification information and in-depth product detail, helping specifiers to determine which product is best suited to their individual requirements.

Users can also download a copy of the new brochure straight from the website. For those requiring further help and assistance Collingwood also offer a comprehensive database of support contact who are on hand to answer any technical questions that may arise.

Commenting on the new website, Adam Garside, marketing manager at Collingwood Lighting, said, ‘The site is optimised for use on tablets and smartphones too, so users can quickly navigate through all of our products and find out more information, all at the touch of a button. The applications section showcases some of the top projects Collingwood Lighting has worked on and can help all to see how Collingwood’s products can best work in their own projects.’

For further information visit: www.collingwoodlighting.com

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