VO4Home improves efficiencies

VO4Home improves efficiencies

VO4Home has recently completed a number of diverse installations.

One such installation was a recording studio located in the countryside, where the unstable power supply put the expensive equipment, which is valued at over £200,000, at risk. VO4Home was commissioned to install a voltage optimisation unit to help balance the power supply and improve power quality. The owner of the recording studio has also seen a reduction in energy consumption and costs.

VO4Home was also asked to supply a unit that would reduce the voltage to a flat in Fulham, where overvoltage was causing expensive appliances to shut down.

Speaking of the installations Geoff Clifton, VO4Home business development manager said, ‘For any business, poor power quality can lead to high costs in terms of repair and lost production or service. Poor power quality also affects the home, where it can cause problems that reduce the operating efficiency of household appliances.’

VO4Home also assisted a farmer whose milling machine was rendered useless due to high voltage and spikes. Upon his electrician’s recommendation, the farmer installed a VO4Home voltage optimisation unit to both reduce and bring stability to the voltage. In addition, the company’s innovative technology helped a five star bunkhouse in Wales resolve the issue of recurring equipment failure due to regular voltage surges – the site hasn’t lost a water pump since VO4Home was installed – whilst achieving energy savings of 17 per cent.

‘These installations are significant as potential customers and a number of electricians often question whether reducing the voltage to a property will cause problems with appliances,’ said Clifton. ‘Many electricians argue that in lowering the voltage, the current drawn will increase. However, with a voltage optimisation device fitted, appliances will continue to draw the current needed to operate effectively.’

He added, ‘The principle of energy saving through voltage optimisation is that effective operation of a device will be delivered at any voltage within a set operating range, which is 216 – 254V in the UK. But above a certain optimum voltage, additional energy will be used for no improvement in performance. So a device that is designed to work anywhere in Europe will have an optimum operating point at 220V. Above this voltage the motor will deliver its rated power, but will use additional energy as heat and vibration. So by efficiently removing the difference between the supply voltage and optimum voltage, voltage optimisation brings all equipment to its most efficient operating point without affecting its performance.’

Commenting on the results achieved at the various sites, Clifton said, ‘The outcomes of these recent installations emphasise that, apart from the energy savings available through voltage optimisation, there is an additional and often overlooked benefit – marginally reduced voltage and the natural attenuation of spikes through VO4Home can have a great effect on the efficiency and longevity of appliances.’

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