Wiring competitive advantage for electrical contractors

New research revealed areas including poor route planning, inaccurate time sheet reporting and falsified overtime claims are creating a major drain on many businesses.

RAM Tracking, following research spanning its 3,000-strong customer base, has revealed its fleet customers have increased productivity by up to 23 per cent through implementing vehicle tracking. In addition to saving on fuel costs, the findings revealed RAM customers have seen increased efficiencies from improved route planning, accurate timesheet reporting and a more motivated workforce.

Businesses where employees take their vehicles home at the end of each day have seen the greatest increase in productivity with vehicle tracking putting a stop to falsified overtime claims and unauthorised out of hours use. Companies where drivers use their vehicles throughout the working day (without taking them home) have seen up to 10.5 per cent increased efficiency, with the ability to bill customers accurately and plan jobs to more specific timeframes.

Among satisfied customers is electrical contractor, DH Marrion, which runs a fleet of nine vehicles and installed RAM’s vehicle tracking system in 2009. Director, Rob Jackson, said, ‘Since installing RAM we reduced our wage bill by 10 per cent, as we have eliminated falsely claimed overtime. We’ve seen a 20 per cent decrease in our monthly fuel expenditure through putting a stop to private mileage and taking more efficient routes. Other benefits have included the positive impact on productivity and enhanced security for both our drivers and vehicles.’

Chris McClellan, CEO of RAM Tracking, said, ‘Vehicle tracking is one of the most accurate ways to record every mile of every journey, allowing out of hours use to be immediately identified. It captures date, time and mileage details of every journey made, meaning there’s no need for fleet drivers to trawl through receipts and calendars in an attempt to separate business and private mileage. Whether a fleet is five or 500 vehicles, a manager will notice a boost in productivity by implementing vehicle tracking.’

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