How to make a home smarter!

How to make a home smarter!

Introducing Hamilton‘s newest innovation: Smart Multi Way Wi-Fi Dimmers. These dimmers offer electrical contractors a user-friendly installation solution for LED light control in diverse settings like homes, offices, bars and restaurants. Just connect them to an existing Wi-Fi network – no extra hub needed. With a simple gesture, a swipe on your phone using the Hamilton Lite app, or voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, Hamilton’s smart dimmers prove to be truly ‘smart’, not just in name, but also in nature.

Retrofitting made easy

The dimmer unit offers trailing and leading edge options. It retrofits into existing two-way and intermediate wiring (no neutral required) enabling smooth integration into both new-build projects and renovations. Plus, it fits perfectly into a standard 35mm wall box.

Retrofitting made easy

The wired configuration comprises of a Master unit and up to two Companion units, enabling true multi-point rotary dimming. With this set-up, users can switch and dim the circuit from three wall plate positions. It’s the perfect lighting control solution for spacious kitchen/diners.

Smart also means stylish!

Available across the entire Hamilton collections range, with a choice of up to 13 distinct plate finishes.

With features like app and Alexa voice control, scene setting, and scheduling, Hamilton LEDSTAT Smart Dimmers offer an easy-to-install smart home setup that enhances comfort, energy efficiency and convenience.

Explore the range

Hamilton’s LEDSTAT Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer isn’t a standalone product; it’s part of a complete range of smart devices designed to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s homeowners. The range includes blind control, switch relays for the on/off control of appliances, and RGBW colour control for mood creation and scene setting.

Hamilton’s new LEDSTAT Multi Way Wi-Fi Dimmers and smart devices are available at your local stockist. Alternatively, for more information, scan the above QR code or click here!

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