Amendment 2 is here: are you ready?

Three years after the implementation of the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations, today – 28 March – sees the publication of Amendment 2 to the current rules which the electrical industry must follow.

The purpose of Amendment 2 is to ensure industry regulations keep pace with the speed of technological change across the sector to maintain safe and efficient electrical installations that always comply with current standards.

Electrical contractors now enter a six-month transition period until September 2022, after which the stated changes contained in Amendment 2 must be complied with. As such, those working in the sector need to ensure they are up-to-speed with the amendments the new regulations are mandating.

Amendment 2 highlights

Among the latest rules are recommendations for the increased use of arc fault detection devices. The new operating landscape further strengthens previous rules and defines that arc fault detection is now mandatory on all socket-outlet circuits up to and including 32 Amps – in higher risk residential buildings, houses of multiple occupancy, purpose-built student accommodation, and care homes.

Alongside arc fault detection changes, the important areas of certificate documentation, identification labelling, and testing schedules have also been addressed.

Changes here are positive and practical enhancements that will continue to underpin safety standards, but also help the electrical contractor when it comes to operational efficiency gains. This is to help ease the administrative duty on contractors as they seek to deliver services to customers and, as such, long called for amendments have been made.

A prime example is the removal of the requirement to apply identification labelling notices to the exterior of domestic consumer units following an installation. With many consumer units now displayed in visible areas of the home to comply with accessibility rules, especially in new builds, the attachment of unsightly coloured labels compromises the final look of the installation.

Manufacturers are creating aesthetically pleasing consumer units with flush finishes and attractive paint solutions and the use of unsightly labelling stickers post-installation have, in the past, dissatisfied clients. In addition, electricians had the time-consuming task of applying the labels even after they have taken care to ensure a neat wiring execution within the interior of the consumer unit itself. Going forward, this will no longer be a concern.

Help and guidance at your fingertips

Committed to working with the trade as it becomes accustomed to new regulations and responsibilities, Hager is assisting with clear information and expert-based technical support across all areas impacted by Amendment 2.

The support ranges from helpful webinars as part of Hager Academy live which will be offering convenient access to relevant Amendment 2 training modules to ensure contractors understand the full implications of Amendment 2.

To book your place on the Hager Amendment 2 webinar series, online training modules or onsite training courses, please visit

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