Recolight Compliance Scheme member satisfaction hits a high

A satisfaction survey of 43 Recolight WEEE Compliance Scheme producer members showed particularly high levels of satisfaction.

The key findings of the report, which was prepared by an independent survey company, include:

  • 96% would recommend Recolight
  • 95% agree that Recolight keeps them informed about changes to the WEEE regulations
  • 81% of members said Recolight provides value for money
  • 79% of members see Recolight as running the main compliance scheme in the industry
  • There was a very positive attitude towards Recolight staff
  • 93% of members found them responsive
  • 77% agreed that Recolight is helping to drive the Circular Economy for lighting, with 90% of respondents rating the webinars as a four or five out of five
  • 77% of respondents said that Recolight achieving net zero emissions was important or very important to them

Commenting on the news, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey says, “These results are fantastic – and a real testament to the hard work and dedication of the Recolight team. That said, we won’t be resting on our laurels. We will always strive to do that little bit more, and go the extra mile to help out our members.”

Asked of the benefits Recolight gives them, several members commented:

“Being able to do it all online.”

“Keeps being compliant simple.”

“It’s handy getting reminders for returns. It helps with supply chain issues.”

“Offers customers a level of assurance. It saves money.”

“The webinars are useful. It gives a community feeling.”

Adrian Willis, Recolight Membership Manager adds, “We see new producer members joining our scheme because we have no hidden charges. With our simple per unit charging, our members know what their charges will be each year, irrespective of WEEE market share, targets, or compliance fees. It is good that the wealth of staff knowledge about the WEEE regulations gives our members confidence that we offer professional advice. In addition, offering a free recycling service gives our members a competitive advantage.”

Suzanne Castine, Recolight Marketing Manager comments, “I’m delighted to learn that our members value the direction we are taking with our circular economy services: webinars, workshops, circular lighting report, and Circular Lighting Live. We have seen new members citing our circular economy services as a key reason for joining.”

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